An important element of the project is the use of an innovative tool, the Odznaka+ application. This is the first application in Poland for issuing, collecting, storing and sharing digital badges.

It allows users to digitally confirm various skills, achievements, participation in an event and other educational and professional activities and experiences. This is convenient, especially for those who acquire skills and knowledge not only through formal education, but also through non-formal education and informal learning. The Odznaka+ application makes it possible to quickly check, for example, whether job candidates have the required competences, and to verify the credibility of the digital badges they present. It also allows employers to see what potential employees are able to do.

Piloting and development of the application is underway

Our application is currently in the pilot phase. We are conducting its functional tests, adapting UX solutions that take into account the experience and expectations of its users. Therefore, there may be situations where elements of our solution will not always function fully as you expect. The application is constantly being improved. Its updates are aimed at gradual and controlled inclusion of more software functionalities and systematic correction of them. Also thanks to the comments we receive from you.