What are microcredentials?

A microcredential is a document that proves skills in a specific area, achieved with little effort and based on established standards. Microcredential are usually collected and made available in digital form. Their use is a response to changing learning methods and labor market requirements.

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Paths can vary, but continuous development is for everyone

This year’s high school graduates are now making key decisions – what will I do next, who shall I be in the future, what kind of work will I do? This is all the more difficult today because, due to rapid technological changes, they are hearing that some professions may cease to exist tomorrow, and sooner or later, many will have to retrain. Nevertheless, research tells us that young people are optimistic about their future careers. What possible paths do they have? How can microcredentials help with this?
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Odznaka+ application

Odznaka+ is an application for issuing, collecting, storing and sharing digital badges and equivalent PDF certificates. It allows users to digitally certify different types of skills and achievements. The Odznaka+ App is available through a web browser for all users, and a mobile app for individual users.

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